FastFrameTM is a unique, sustainable and user-friendly display solution, exclusive to Ultima Displays.

More versatile
than a pop-up

  • Highly configurable

  • Seamless graphics

  • Easy to change Silicone
    Edge Graphics (SEG)

  • Many applications

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More flexible
than a roller banner

  • Assembled in seconds

  • Lightweight, highly portable

  • One frame, multiple graphics

  • Single or double sided graphics

  • Expandable, no joints

  • Washable stretch fabric

  • Cost savings through
    repeated use

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More configurable
than an exhibition stand

  • Expandable – add
    modules over time

  • Quick change design

  • Excellent space utilisation

  • Toolless construction

  • Seamless graphic overlay

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  • Can I customise the frame size?

    No, the frame sizes are a set size.

  • Can I use other feet?

    Only FastFrameTM supplied feet are suitable for use. Feet from other systems are incompatible.

  • Where can FastFrameTM be used?

    FastFrameTM is designed for indoor use only.

  • What is the maximum height that can be used?

    In a straight-line we recommended a maximum of 2.5m in height. 3m is possible, but it’s recommended to check with the internal team for structural stability.

  • Do you have to use the frame double sided?

    In the main, no. The frame can be used single-sided only; however, we recommend that any 2.5m high frame is double-sided.

  • What graphic do we offer?

    We will be offering a Standard Graphic (Display Poly) or a Premium Graphic (Black Back).

  • Are bundle kits available?

    Yes, we currently have 3 bundle options.: Starter Kit, Pop-up Kit and Display Stand Kit.

  • Can we offer curved or custom frame sizes?

    No, FastFrameTM is currently  only offered in straight frames only and is not customizable.

  • How many frames can be used in a straight line?

    The maximum frames that can be used in a straight line are x3 1200 x 2400mm  (i.e. 3.6m (w)).

  • How many frames can fit in a bag?

    Each bag is designed to take the frames it’s supplied with, plus a set of graphics to specifically fit that frame.  (i.e., a 1000 x 2000mm bag will hold 1 frame and 2 graphics).

  • Can I use lights on FastFrameTM ?

    Yes, the frame can take lights. We recommended Ulitma’s LED Exhibition Lights (available to purchase separately).

  • Can I use shelves, literature holders or screen mounts on FastFrameTM ?

    We do not currently do offer any ancillaries for FastFrameTM.

  • Can I order graphics on their own?

    Yes, replacement graphics  will be available to purchase separately.

  • Are tools required for any of the frames?

    No, all FastFrameTM products are completely tool-free.